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Belarus Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Slava

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JuneBug63 2 months ago

I wish she were given a little variety of photographers. She's beautiful.


Starfire 8 months ago

Incredible young lady. More please.


Erotic art expert. 11 months ago

The girl is perfect. Period. However, I got a bad news for you dudes. The MET's camera operators do not photograph woman's body any more. Instead they photograph just a PART of woman's body. Do not expect to enjoy the whole figure of a beautiful girl. Get ready to watch just a part of her.


Nonsense 1 year agoLifetime member

Slava's naughty twin appears on TLE under the name Karina Baru. Worth checking out.


ericericc 1 year ago



Tom70 1 year ago

Slava is a stunning model.She has a ass to die for.


Neil 1 year ago

A great name for such a beautiful and seductive little sweetheart. I think this doll from Belarus plans to become Metart royalty. The name "Slava" is the Russian word for "Glory".


SouthernMaster 8 months ago

I've seen elsewhere she's from Latvia, so who knows?


loosebruce2 1 year ago

Tora Ness seems at her best when shooting Slava, who is an incredible beauty. What a treasure of galleries so far!


Hipshot13 1 year ago

What an absolute doll! Slava burst on the scene and shot strait to the top and I think she will be there for a long run!


H WU 2 years ago

A beautiful debut with that awesome body.Hoping to see more and possibly a video to put that gorgeous in motion.


sonofzog 2 years ago

A truly lovely Easter surprise.


zone 2 years ago

Welcome Slava, fresh and pretty.


semajw 2 years ago

Hope we see lots of her!


Sniksoh 2 years ago

Wow! Fit, beautiful and Sexy!


beetle 2 years ago

Slava Name - a perfect young lady. Brown eyes, brown hair, sweet face. A very slim well formed body. I like Slava.
Medium-sized soft and delicious breasts. Perfect size. The areoles are bright and barely visible. The small pink nipples look firm and sweet.
The butt is perfect round and tight. The little anus looks seductive. Simply fresh and pure and inviting.
The pussy is rather unobtrusive, the labia small and withdrawn.
Loooooooooooong legs and soft and smooth feet with nice tiny toes. The soles of the feet look bright and very tender. They are obviously suitable for licking.


DMEISTER 2 years ago

Stunning young lady

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