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Sofi Sol

Russian Federation Age Debut: 25


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Erotic art expert. 1 year ago

Nice model who is completely ruined by mediocre camera man.


beetle 2 years ago

The chestnut-colored hairs dominate the pretty face with the gentle facial features and the magical green eyes. And that is extremly nice.
Sofis Sol has a well-shaped body with small breasts, smooth large areoles and stiff nipples.
Classic full moon, beautiful petite pussy with medium sized inner labia. Simply adorable. Sofi's legs are long and slender, the ankles narrow and the feet soft and tender.
A classic beauty. Simply delicious.


SchwarzeEule 2 years ago

Is she Gloria Sol's sister?


SouthernMaster 2 years ago

All of the models here use pseudonyms, so no.