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Sofia Vera

Russian Federation Age Debut: 22


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RichC 1 month ago

Sofia is gorgeous all over, voluptuous and vivacious. WOW!


beetle 1 month ago

Yes, big boobs and a marvellous face. That is a perfect combination. First you look into the face, then to the boobs. Both perfect - you beginn to smile.
Now you look to the waist. Small? Yes, perfect. Round taut ass? Long legs and tiny feet? Yes everything is all right. Now you wish to see the girl naked. And Matart makes your dreams come true, you can see the girl naked.
And if you see the the girl, as God has created her, you look to the pussy. Plump, pink and moist? OMG, that is really a sexy girl. And if the anus is small and smooth, it is a 10 points girl. SO IT IS WITH SOFIA VERA. A 10 point newcomer.