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Sofy A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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tigercat 2 years ago

Love this woman. Her attitude (though I wouldn't mind seeing her smile a bit less), her delicious anus and how readily she shares it...but after seeing her all furry, the shaved look just turns me right off. Two shoots out of the four are great though, and way better than none!


oscar 4 years ago

Sofy-a. The most sexy pussy I`ve ever seen.


rachsback 4 years ago

I'll be happy to split this one with you doug! LOL


Rich 5 years ago

Is there a good reason for SOFY's demise? Nothing from her since Feb 2011??


MagicBob 5 years ago

I haven't seen her anywhere and I think I have been most everywhere. I would imagine she found a wealthy individual and is enjoying herself somewhere, out there. I sure would like too see her again.


metman 5 years ago

Seen her outside of metart but cant remember where offhand. Older stuff I believe but she rocks there as well. Sex sex sexy she is!


MagicBob 5 years ago

I want you too think, really think and come up with where you had last had seen her.


metman 4 years ago

I'll do some archive digging. I may just have her stashed away.