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Italy Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Sojie

Members Comments (16)


macrolon 18 hours ago

Really a 10. Just the photographer could improve a bit... the sets lack atmosphere. Some bed scenes with a more intense erotic touch please! ;)


Richtor 2 months agoLifetime member

Please may we have some more sets of Sojie?
I was hoping we'd be getting 1 set per month for many months to come.
Of course I love the 3 sets she's given us, but it's definitely not anywhere near enough!


Raul2030 3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful, Pls film her


mpm007 3 months ago



lastoftheV8s 4 months ago

Sojie is very rapidly becoming my favorite girl on here. Such a perfect balance of sensuous body and natural face. Not to mention great breasts and bottom.


seve 5 months ago

omg - the rack on this girl is sublime..


lastoftheV8s 5 months ago

The power of the booty is strong in Sojie!


French kiss 7 months ago

Sublime !!! Forza Italia :)


Starfire 7 months ago

Awesome new model.
Many happy fun returns Sojie.


FeminineSpirit2 7 months ago

Sojie is very sweet and erotic., her angelical smile and beautiful feminine body from head to sexy toes makes me very happy to be a METART member. Thank you for sharing &I hope to see you again miss Sojie!


Astrs 7 months ago

bellissima ragazza


Russell 7 months ago

What a georgous babe! Lovely smile and beautiful sensual skin. Top marks for top tits 🙏❤️


beetle 7 months ago

Sojie is a really erotic and seductive Italian beauty.
Her face is angelic, her mid-sized breasts juicy and sensational shaped. Her legs are long and slim and her tiny feet absolutley sexy and soft with silky white soles and tiny smooth toes.
But best of all, are her round buttocks, which looks so soft, white and seductive.
Oh, I love Italy and I love his girls!


SouthernMaster 7 months ago

I wouldn't bank on her being Italian as another site states she's from Latvia. I don't trust any of the model stats on any site.


JohnHolmesJr. 3 months ago

Viva Latvia!


Rose 7 months agoCommunity Staff

We go by what it says on her official ID. She may be born in one country and live in another :-)