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Sophie A

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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agalma 8 months ago

one of the true gems of this site. A very sophisticated beauty, with beautiful brunette hair and an intelligent gaze. She looks like a bonafide model. I've seen her on videos of other sites doing more commercial less... erm.... "pornish" work and she is excellent. I'm glad most of her sets here were done by the true masters of REAL eroticism of this site like Pasha, Goncharov and Natasha Schön (whose work never fails to be degraded by the vulgar and gross exigence of some users to "show more", "maybe a closeup of the anus would be fine..." jeez...)
Nothing is less erotic than showing everything in close-up. As Roland Barthes said, the erotic is what we glimpse when the cloth is torn, that which we're not supposed to see but we indeed, barely, glimpse.


Genoman 2 years ago


She is far above that mark. This woman is absolutely incredible! Spreads do not make the mark, erotic yes.


Ziggy 2 years agoLifetime member

one of the all time most beautiful girls


aretino 3 years ago

Sophie never smiles. But she is one ofe the most adorable girls im Metart.


metman 5 years ago

Well done Pasha! You really are a master of lighting.