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Stacy Cruz

Czech Republic Age Debut: 19


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Members Comments (12)


TheHound 3 weeks ago

Stacy is simply perfect. Can’t say that enough.

I hope Metart can secure a bunch more of her sets and that she has a long, productive career.


Wisher 2 months ago

Very artistic model. She puts a lot of life into her sets. Professional and beautiful, everything about her.


fireball-xl5 7 months agoLifetime member

STACY simply CRUooZes sex appeal!


Madjacker 7 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful girls to ever grace Met-art. and her body is absolutely amazing. So hot!!
She is my new favorite Met girl to please myself to.
Stacey is an absolute stunner. simply perfect from all angles.
More of this incredibly arousing girl ASAP PLEASE !!!!!!


POTUS 7 months ago

"HELLLLLLLP ME !!! I think I'm fallin' in love again". ~ Joni Mitchell. ❤


wombat 8 months ago

Very expressive eyes, love her looking straight at the camera.


Fan1 8 months ago

WOW!! Stacy Cruz is a flawless beauty and has quickly become one of my favorites on MA. She is absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, and presented perfectly by the master Erro!! This set is a 10+!!


ergo 9 months ago

I am completely bowled over by Stacy's beauty .Wow


MX338 9 months ago



doggleboon 9 months ago

She and Sybil A could be sisters.


Astrs 9 months ago

Perfection is possible


beetle 9 months ago

What a dreamy magical look. Stacy's blue eyes enchant me. Her beautiful smooth face and her erotic body seduce me. This girl is certainly one of the top ten newcomers of 2018. Her big perfectly shaped breasts are just as sensational as the plump pussy with the big and crumpled labia. And the cute little feet want to be taken in my mouth and licked.
Stacy is really a sensation.