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Latvia Age Debut: 26


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Photos with Starla

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beetle 6 months ago

Starla, a girl I will not forget. A really sweet tidbit. Blond hairs and blue eyes, enchanting face. Absolutley lovely.
Best are Starla's breasts. They are my favorites. Natural hanging. Small. Soft. Well shaped. Dark areolas. Big and stiff rosy nipples. Simply perfect.
Slim body. Round soft butt and juicy pussy with pretty wrinkled and protruding labia.
The legs are long and the feet are just delicious. Smooth, soft, with white soles and well-formed toes. Simply to put them in my mouth.
Starla is a great model!


HaleHortler 6 months ago

Another Latvian turbobabe I see--these ladies really have the shape, wow!


Digger 6 months ago

Something about this girl just drives me crazy . Obviously her nipples, smile , eyes,, buns, bottom, breasts, smile, nipples, eyes, oh did i mention her nipples. Phew while i take sometime to consider this beautiful girl, back to her set.