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Stefany Sonri

Russian Federation Age Debut: 22


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EdPowersII 4 months ago

Why this girl is not rated a 9+ is a mystery to me.. Beautiful face and smile, a most excellent curvy body, gorgeous legs and a very excellent butt. I see her smile and her eyes, and it makes my day. Simply gorgeous and a very real woman. Stefany thank you very much girl. Much appreciated and hope to see very much more of you here and in the network.


Elduraverga 8 months ago

¡Oh si! ¡Más de ella, por favor! Un video, por favor!


Tumbleweed 9 months ago

Has anyone noticed that Stefany bares a strong resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton?
This young lady is so beautiful, her eyes are so captivating , so alluring, I melt when I see pictures of her radiant face.


beetle 1 year ago

Cute and seductive. I would like to see more of Stefanys breasts, the red nipples, the shapely ass, the moist pussy, long legs and cute feet. Come back soon.


hipshot131 1 year ago

She says she loves her butt! IMO it is quite spectacular along with the calves and thighs. From the waist down she is mind boggling!


MX338 1 year ago

Super Bomb Shell!!! Way underrated!!! She is worthy of the top 10 easily!!! 💣


Doodaq 1 year ago

Thank you for the encore performance, you sweet little darling.


danzav 2 years ago

Please more!!


BuDMan 2 years ago

Stefany, you are absolutely adorable! It's amazing, you are able to be adorable and also incredibly sexy all at the same time. I have very rarely seen a female fill both of those categories simultaneously :-). All in all, I absolutely love your photos! Welcome to MA!


RichC 2 years ago

Stefany is so cute with perky breasts, but her lower half is stunning in every way


semajw 2 years ago

Wonderful debut Stefany. You are destined to become one of my favorites!


gaetano maria 2 years ago

Wonderful new entry Welcome !!
Wondeful Stefany Welcome !!

You need a new razor that shaves better


Favorito 2 years ago

That just preference, I like you the way you are Stefany. Dare to be different if you l like.

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