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Sunshine A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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Aladin111 4 months ago

She has a very special beauty and intelligent eyes. I adore her and would like to send her a letter. Is there an address I can send to so that she gets it?


Ceifer 3 years ago

Statuesque beauty Sunshine! Those legs belong in Gillette Venus ads!


Bored1 4 years ago

Please just a minor MINOR fix on the end of the nose and we're talking perfection. Everyone dances around it, but for the love of god, leaving something so damned distracting and so unfortunate makes no sense. Not when it's RIGHT THERE jumping off the screen at every moment. Just remove the mole, it's in exactly the wrong place.


hipshot131 5 years ago

Nice work as usual. Sunshine looks so tall! yet she is only 5'6" guess it's her slender frame. I love her face and those sly Mona Lisa smiles. always room for more sunshine in any day.


Arkie2 4 years ago

The Moaning Lisa smiles ARE really nice, but I'd still like to see some full-on jaw-breaking smiles once in a while. As for the legs, other than the fact that they look like they're 2 meters long and Sunshine could wrap them around you 2-3 times, they're just ...stunning! Well defined calves says she's maybe a dancer of one form or another? Or possibly a distance runner?


MarkusluvSofi 5 years ago

maybe it's just me but I wouldn't call those large breasts, Not even close. At least by the rest of the Met Art models comparison. Somewhere between medium and small.


SouthernMaster 5 years ago

It's not you.


H WU 5 years ago

She's my girl.


rockhard 5 years ago

I thought Sunshine looked familiar, as well as the name, and when I took a look I found a few, more "glamour" oriented sets that I acquired from a different site last year. They're a much different look at this pretty li'l thang... Nice to see here come to Met... Looking forward to adding to the collection I already have of her....she has a gorgeous body!

Welcome Sunshine! Hope to see lots more of you here...XO ;o)


Arkie2 4 years ago

The lighting in both "Izzeria" and "Nuoto" sets here are really nice. If you liked Alloica, you'll also like at least these two other M-A posted sets.


womenlover 5 years ago

Perfect woman,more please.