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  • 3 months ago:

The most fabulous pussy on MetArt.

who's idea was to get her to lick her smooth armpits? it looks so erotic n sexy!

Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

perfect ass.

Susana C.. girl of my dreams, perfection in person...

It's just amazing how Catherine is able to catch Susana's exhibistic expression, her sexiness and her joy once again. It seems that she really enjoys to show us the most intimate parts of her beautiful body in a very explicite and erotic way. I dont see that as much in Catherine's shoots of other girls, so it seems that it is just the personality of Susana which makes the difference. Am i right Catherine?

Beautiful girl, but in one set could she start off dressed, or wearing something provocative, its the same girl same posses, its just the back ground that's changing, it's a waste of a great model.

Absolutely beautiful photography of an absolutely beautiful young lady.... If I were not so old I would love to do a photo shoot with her.... But I can still look at beauty and enjoy it...
Thank you Catherine.. Excellent work, and a wonderful model.

WOW, Just Wow!

Contain yourself, lad! (BTW, I agree.)

Every Susana set is spectacular. I love seeing her stretch and pose like an acrobat or a dancer. I enjoyed the color in this set as well. You often use blue and green against the warm skin tones of the figure, and this time the open window provided the balance wonderfully. You can often spot a set by Catherine by the colors alone. The superb color is matched by the amazing model. Susana is always perfect from her head to her toes, and thanks for showing us all of her!

Exactly, Ouchstopit, Catherine's mastery of color is only improving with time. There is a very marked difference between the "look" and feel of her older sets, and her newer sets, particularly those she's shot this year...

Catherine, I appreciate Susana's flexibility, along with her beauty this is a good combination. There are only a few models at MA that posses this degree of grace and athleticism, and you seem to have shot a few of them yourself. You hinted that this is an older set of Susana and I remember that she had cut her hair.

My only comment is that like rags25, I would like to see Susana with her hair let down. Now that she has cut it, I guess we'll have to wait for it to grow out. Nice set, I always enjoy Susana and always enjoy Catherine behind the lens.

Take care.

Susana is a very beautiful woman, and I particularly like the shots that show off her physical strength. I think it makes her look very beautiful specially shots of her back I prefer models that go to the fitness center or other athletics, and I think that her shoots with Nastya K are totel beauty

Cathrine, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

I have so missed my lovely Susana. She is one of the hottest girls on Metart. Her amazing body is sexy beyond works and with her personality it becomes irresistible. I hope you have many more in your archives so we can continue to be delighted with this wonder woman. There are many beautiful women on Metart but few have the allure of Susanna. She has always been high on the list of Metart's best and it is very well deserved. Her poses and energy are unique even on Metart.

P.S. Catherine, Even if this set was published before it is still a treat to see her again.

Gorgeous, flawless work by photographer and model! I love the body studies in photos 89 and 90.

Oh if only I were so flexible and if only I were her arm so Susana could lick me all day long.

I'd much rather be her tongue so I could lick HER all day long!! Of course if I were HER tongue, I couldn't reach the places I most favor...;o)

It might reach those places, she is very flexible ;o


Catherine you never cease to amaze me with your series and photography you captured Susana C very well she has lovely creamy white skin,beautiful breast,firm erect nipples,gorgous face,firm sexy derrier and a body any man would die for i simply adore Susana in very sexy poses and lovely close ups of her face as per images #102-#104 the way she sensualy licks her arm not to mention her flexible sexy poses revealing her pink labia lips and firm body i just love the way she streches her body to it full tightness thus causing her lovely breasts to ride up high with her nipples fully erect her strong firm inner thighs per images #51-#54 they may look the same but Susana shows different expressions on her face i love her sexy poses sitting on the stool her long legs high above her head i loved the setting but i wished the lighting was not so bright as it seemed to me a female it seem to clashed with Susana C's white creamy skin but two series with two different model i'm totaly impressed i hope to see Susana C in the future to come it would be very nice :) I love her pony tail but i would have loved to see it cascade down along her body this lovely series got a nice 10 from me...

I agree with you rags, I would like to see her hair let down, but I guess she'll have to grow it back out first.

Thank you very much rags25) I am very pleased that you enjoyed the work. You are very sensual and detailed the feedback on this set, and Susana. I really liked it, thank you) I Met-Art has a set where Susana with long hair. Unfortunately, she cut off her hair. Thank you for such a warm comment)

For what it's worth, I think Susana's yummy with long hair, or short... ( : pulled back, or down. ( :

Thank you for another great set Catherine. May I add one simple request? You had a chair in this set and missed an opportunity for one of my favorite poses. When the woman sits backwards in a chair and the picture is taken from their "rear" view. Their backs are arched and their derriere is pushed out in a very sexy way. Any chance you could include a few shots like this in a future set?

"Oh Susana, don't you cry for me. I have your perfect body, to keep me company..." ;o) Another winner Katya...

The pathos! The emotion! I am deeply moved! : )

You mean 'deeply disturbed'...? lol I couldn't help it!! The urge was overwhelming!!

Rock, At least we can read it and don't have to hear you sing it ;-

lol there IS that! ;o)

Understood. I have been known to surrender to the baser urges from time to time. : )

wonderfull model and wonderfulls photos

Damn, looks like my life strategy was wrong all along... I really SHOULD have gotten an office job.
( ;
Simplicity does not always equate with beauty, but in this quintessentially Catherine shoot, it most definitively does.
Nothing but a simple, muted environment to showcase Susana's athletic beauty. Muted colors to bring out the warm intense brown of Susana's eyes, and the inviting pink of her lips.
I particularly enjoy the challenge in Susana's sassy smile. "Just try to impress me..."
( :
This set is an 11 in a day of 10's.

You saw that smile too! Love it! Well written comment, incidentally.

Thank you, my friend... I had a very inspiring muse (two of 'em, actually!).

Hi fer_realz) Perhaps work in an office is much easier) This job has its advantages. I also enjoy looking at Susana, at that moment she has not cut her hair. I look at photos of me this girl very much. Thank you)

Susana is still a knockout with short hair, but I miss the long tresses. BTW, is it worthwhile asking her to remove that !@#$%^& THING from her beautiful navel?

Hi Sailor) I do not quite understand what you have written.

Catherine, I believe Sailor is not fond of Susana's navel jewelry.
He wishes that you would ask her to remove it for her photo shoots.

Correct—and more politely, if less eloquently, phrased.

Hello again Catherine,

It is so nice to see your sets here two days in a row after two weeks without your work. I am sure that you know that you have many fans here, and that I am among them. Please ignore the comments of the 'nekulturny' few who say unpleasant and nonconstructive things about your work. I love what you do, and the way that you do it.

I enjoyed this set very much. I find Susana's athletic grace very appealing (just look at her petite but strong body in picture 119 - sheer perfection,) and I love her flexibility. I also enjoy the way that she poses, and her intense stare into the camera. Those big brown eyes of hers are so sweet and lovely, and her smile is contagious. I imagine that she would be a very fun girl to spend time with as well as being an absolute joy to look at.

I thank you both for this set. Hugs and kisses to you and to Susana. You deserve them!

Hi nihil) Very nice to read such a comment. Thank you very much) Susana in this set is very good. Yesterday I did a set of Nastya. I am pleased have thought, well they're not together Nastya and Susana) When they are together it is a nuclear explosion. Thank you very much for your support concerning not very appropriate members. You call them uncultured. I remains the to regret them and be lenient. Of course, the portion of harm they cause. Thank you for your hugs) I embrace you back)

Another set of acrobatic poses! I might as well buy some tickets to acrobatic shows

This just in: Acrbatic poses and eroticism are not mutually exclusive.

What's wrong with that once in a while, not that this site is saturated with acrobatic poses? There are two other sets and a video today for your enjoyment.

If you find one that's done 'nude', be sure to let us know...;o)

Ha ha! The Rock strikes again!

Where are the "thumbs down" icons when we need them?

I can tell you where some thumbs are UP!! ;o)

LOL Rock, I'm so glad you are back!

Some people, who shall remain nameless, whined a bit too much about getting thumbed down. I guess their feelings were hurt.

Boo-hoo. Don't want thumbs down? Don't say stupid s**t.

Amen to that brother. Bring back the thumbs down! It's just like everyone gets a trophy for just showing up. Either get rid of thumbs or have them both.

I don't know why they were abandoned. Some people certainly deserve them.


We haven´t seen you for weeks and we were so comfortable,and then you come
back with a nice pair of sets of your own.Please,stop the back-tied hair madness!Those photos could possibly fit in an Art gallery,but are definitely out of place in what some claim is an Erotic website.Your genuine but unattractive style make my desire plummet.Stop it now!

The seller

Catherine is obviously not going away. She's one of the most popular photographers at MetArt, and her models are among the most beautiful. Here's a suggestion for you: When you see a set by Catherine, click the "Hide Comments" button and move on. We'll all be spared the kind of unpleasant nonsense we've seen today.

Not the buyer

Not the buyer: 1
the seller: 0

Why must you always be so combative? Can't you critique without being disrespectful?

You could have simply stated that you wish Catherine would allow her models to let their long hair to flow, rather than have them tie it back.

My guess is that Catherine would have given you a nice, thoughtful, and respectful response....and she may have even agreed to meet your request.

Gentlemen, it seems we have discovered the man whom the world revolves around! How amazing. You can now all devote your lives to seeing that all his wishes are fulfilled, and that nothing ever displeases him. Everything must be tailored to him, because he is so massively important.

In case you can't tell, gswkJu, I am being sarcastic. Like what you like, enjoy what you enjoy, but don't expect that your taste predominates or that the world owes you anything. And certainly don't ever presume to speak for others ('we were so comfortable' ?)

Thank you very much nihil)

Well...didn't you know....he's "the seller"!!! All hail the seller!!!

He might be "the seller" but nobody's buying.

rachsback, thank you very much for your support)

I sure as hell was uncomfortable, wondering when my favorite Catherine was going to come back and soothe my discomfort. gswkJu got it wrong.

Thank you fer_realz)

( ;
Your work soothes my soul, Catherine. ( :

He almost always does!!


Susana's last four sets showed her with her hair down. Tied back or not, Susana is a beautiful young woman and is a joy to see.

Thank you Neil)

Catherine, Susana is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the close up shots of her beautiful face. Absolutely beautiful. And of course, Susana is possessed of such a beautiful fit and athletic feminine body. It seems she has spent a lot of time in a ballet studio or maybe a gymnastics school. Perfectly wonderful. As always, your photography is wonderful. An amazingly beautiful model and a remarkably talented photographer. Perfect. Warmest regards and best wishes to both you and Susana.

Hi Neil) I really like this set. It seemed to me that he had already been published. Susana long time engaged in gymnastics. She has trained and very strong body. I send you warm greetings from himself and Susana. Thank you)

Catherine! We haven't seen you for weeks, and suddenly you turn up with two goddesses in a row! I had barely finished drooling over Vanda, and now here's the divine Susana. All I can say is, don't stop now. Susana is one of the most beautiful women on MetArt, and she has the perfect complexion and flawless body that lend themselves perfectly to your unique style. I want to taste every inch of her, but I'll behave myself and just say thank you. Besos a toads.

Goddam autocorrect! That last word should be todas, not toads.

Hi Sailor)
I am glad that these sets have been published. This set I also like. I am pleased to bring you the pleasure of my work)

This is one of your more sexually aggressive sets! You keep getting a little more direct each and every time and I love it. Well done!

Is that Latin for "Jeff Besos is a toad"...? lol


Sailor, that typo is perfectly OK, just ask Catherine about frogs. ( : ( : ( :

Hi fer_realz) Greetings to you from Russian frogs)

Greetings to you from Wisconsin frogs, Catherine... we are all shivering, dreaming of hibernation.... ( ;

Hi fer_realz) Greetings to you from Russian frogs)

Catherine, please explain the frogs. I signed off in my comment with the Spanish phrase "kisses to all (feminine)". The autocorrect changed "todas" to "toads." That's when fer_realz chimed in. What am i missing?

I and fer_realz found out that our house we live in now located in areas that used to be a swamp. Therefore, we hypothesized that we are like frogs) This is the theme of our common joke))

Thank you. I feel better.

ribbet! ribbet!


Boredom in portrait format.

Come on guys.....uuusssee stated his opinion (it could be considered rude, but not offensive).....so cut him some slack.

The only comments I don't care much for are the ones that criticize a models appearance or a photographers talent.

I wasn't going to comment on this set at all because I am turned off by all of Susana's sets.....not because I don't think she is a beautiful woman....but because I dated a woman who could pass for her twin sister. This girl (the one I dated) was the meanest, nastiest, most self centered person I ever came to know. I couldn't get away from her fast enough.

Browning, thanks for your take on uuusssee's comment... I guess my primary complaint about his comment is that it was just and solely a negative statement ~ what it communicated was his reaction to the set, and little else.
Had he included information about what he doesn't like about the set and what Catherine could have done better, I would have considered it a constructive criticism and would not have complained.

fer_realz, I completely understand your response (and I agree with you). I guess what I did was compare his comment to the one by gswkJu "The seller", and the "The seller" is an ass. He tries to stir up trouble.....uuusssee is just opinionated (which I have no problem with) and doesn't always frame his response/opinion in detail.
gswkJu's comment was not only rude, but disrespectful, confrontational, and degrading.
I take issue with this because Catherine is always kind and thoughtful to everyone. Catherine will answer any question and even try to satisfy the desires of her followers.
She never backs away from criticism (often she hardest on herself).
You and I (along with a few others) are lucky to have Catherine as a friend too....and I don't like anyone being disrespectful to a friend (especially Catherine).

I see your distinction between the two comments, Browning, it is valid. I certainly agree with your problem with "the seller" who truly is revealing himself a troll and nothing more.
I certainly don't equate uuusssee with him; I agree that uuusssee is genuinely trying to comment and not just stir up trouble. But he needs to figure out that to convey information usefully, you have to do more than merely express an opinion; if you want someone to do something about your opinion you need to express what you want them to do better next time.

My heartfelt condolences. I think I may have married her in another incarnation.

I was "lucky" enough not to marry her:)....thank God!

If I remember correctly Sailor....I'm not sure you had such "luck":(....so you've experienced Hell on earth.

Thanks (you to fer_realz).

I was gonna say, Browning's experience sounds remarkably similar to yours, Sailor!

It does, and we both have similar psychological reactions (burdens, actually). Browning can't savor one of the loveliest women at MetArt; I gag at the though of going down on pussies that make the rest of you drool. It's a messy, illogical world.

That sums up our problems pretty well Sailor:)....the burdens of life.
I think yours is much harder....very few women look exactly like Susana/my ex, but your burden....my God!, I feel for you:)

Boorishness in comment form.

There is always National Geographic magazine.

And you may read some Dostoievsky stuff instead,fine gentleman.

The seller


Unbelievable... I really can't comprehend uuusssee's thought processes....
uuusssee, if there's a problem with the set, can you explain it to us? One word criticisms don't communicate any useful information whatsoever.

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