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Belarus Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Susann

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Bernadette 3 months ago

Ariski’s insistence on lowering the colour temperature with an inhuman, cold, blue-ish wash once again ruins the set for me. I can understand doing it in one or two photos for artistic effect, but to do it relentlessly in the whole set, pillar-to-post, is a waste of a lovely model. It’s like a chef who insists on dumping truffle oil on everything that leaves his kitchen because that’s his “signature.”

I’d love to see Shayla photographed by someone — Koenart, Rylsky, Marlene — who understands that natural, actual skin tone is —shocka! — a core ingredient when you’re photographing human beings, as opposed to trying to be an artiste.


BrunsJ 2 months ago

For starters, I've found Ariski's shots good, too bad this part of the comment does not belong on this model's comments as the model has not modelled for Ariski. Speaking of this model, this model is Susann.

So far, I like Tora Ness' shots of Susann.


Rubycon 1 year ago

Too bad it's been half a year since her first and last appearance here. Any chance the lovely Susann will visit us again?


beetle 2 years ago

Yummy. A girl fresh, moist and juicy. Incredibly Incredibly beautiful, feminine and erotic.
Blonde long wavy hair caress an angelic face with deep blue eyes.
Soft wonderfully shaped white breasts with bright red nipples. Perfect for sucking.
The round butt is sensational. When I lay my head on Susann's buttocks, I do not need any pillows. Susann's buttocks are more soft and tender than any feather pillow. I want to smell at this butt. And I want to kiss the butt.
I love Susann.

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