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Personally I love the pictures of the delicious Suzanna in jeans especially those with spread legs and her magnificent breasts on show. A few panty crutch shots, especially if a little damp patch was there, would have made this set perfect for me.

My goodness, Suzanna is never anything short of glorious, that gorgeous near sculpted body an that beautiful face, absolutely stunning!.

Suzanna has such a great body shape, so I very much appreciate the poses that show off her feminine curves like this one does. She is one of those women that look like a million bucks just standing there. She does appear to be looking off camera in some of the outside shots, like in 68 and 71. Not sure if she is distracted, nervous about being caught or intended pose. Nice set.

Susanna, would I love to come home with you waiting at the patio door!

I love Goncharov's work her did a great set with Sofi A on the beach with her BMW motorcycle you could actualy see him with Sofi A on the set and this set is just as great too I loved the way he potrayed suzzanna A as a girl next door wearing her demin jeans hugging her firm thighs and legs out on the street sitting on railings pillar per image #44-#45 i simply adored the close up image #56 sitting on the steps flashing her large breast in an inviting sexy pose i also loved image #67-#68 it really shows of her large breasts,nipples,long sexy,legs gorgeous face green eyes brown hair and those sexy poses both in front and behind the glazed windows but i have to agree with wgworld his sequence within this set is totaly out of whack to me too don't have to be male or female to work that out he should have put Suzanna A's wearing her jeans on the street first and her sexy poses nude pose's on the street step next before going to into the glazed windowed building never the less i loved images #29-30 standing in the doorway and #31 leaning against the window her firm large breasts pressing against it still cant work out image #60 with just a foot wearing heels poor editing or something for us to complain about but in a nut shell Suzanna A is a very sexy model,woman and Goncharov showed her beauty really well :( :(

Hello rags25,
I really enjoy reading your comments. You present a very interesting feminine perspective, which adds to the experience of viewing these photos. For this reason, I would like to politely request that you try to put two spaces between your sentences, capitalize the first letter of each sentence and put a period at the end of each sentence. I do not mean to be rude or disrespectful to you. I truly believe that your comments are too interesting to be misunderstood or ignored. You recently commented about the model's tight inner thighs. I never considered that aspect of a woman's form, but now I look for it.

I hope I have not offended you. If I have, please forgive me.

With respect, very warm regards and best wishes from Pennsylvania, USA.

Hello Neil I get what you mean will try in the future to do so i never finished highschool or graguated so i have a habid of writing it as i think was very bad within my english class no ofence taken ok but i'm glad you like my comments Cheers from Outback Northern Territory plus theres a big time zone difference between Australia and the USA.

You are absolutely the most beautiful woman.

Simply put- what a pretty lady.

With Suzanna, you can rest assured that you're looking at a woman, and not a high school graduate. She's all woman, beautiful woman, and exudes all womanly desires. I don't feel guilty like I'm robbing the cradle while admiring her beauty.

Anyone notice the other woman's feet inside in #60?

Yes Favorito i picked it up too another females foot with heels on but there's always a female amongst the camera crew i've seen it before ages ago on previous sets in movies kind of weird though you can only see her foot and nothing else at least one would have seen more of who evers leg was with that shot even at resolution medium....

I absolutely love this remarkably beautiful woman. Suzanna has an amazingly gorgeous body, with incredible feminine curves. The Ukraine must be a wonderful place to be a young man. So many beautifully curvaceous young women. The outdoors photos of Suzanna are very bold.

If I saw her walking down the street in the outfit she has on I would more than likely end up walking into an obstruction or get run over by a car :-)

First off, Suzanna has one incredible body. Easily in the top 5 on Met-Art.

Secondly, this set illustrates one of my pet peeves about some of these photo sessions.

The model starts off totally naked at the beginning, she's fully clothed in the middle and then totally naked at the end.

Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever !

Yes… Who's editing? Plz, quality editing of images (loosing the crap, keeping the greats, and ordering the shoot) for an attempt at story telling.

My personal guess is that the photogs ~ esp. the ones who've been doing it forever, like Goncharov, want to change it up a little bit instead of doing the same thing over and over again.
I found it a refreshing change, myself.

Ukrainian Goddess No. 3.

Make that No. 1 (typo).

Considering Ukraine is a land of goddesses, I doubt Suzanna would be offended if you told her she was Ukrainian Goddess #3:)

You're probably right. These days I'm dealing with a powerful lech for Suzanna, so she's got to be No. 1. But I'm a man of rapidly shifting loyalties, so someone else will emerge one of these days. But Suzanna will never be far from the top.

Suzanna has the grace of a dancer, coupled with a beautiful face that suggests sweetness and strength, confidence and warmth. She is amazing.

Another 10 out of 10 from me for the model and the photos.

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