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Sydney Wolf

United States Age Debut: 22


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Yerff 10 months ago

Dear Sydney it's been way way too long since you were last here (or anywhere ) so please come back soon . Yeah most of us hate your useless photographer, but we all love you. I for one would love to see you "put both your legs behind your head while chewing gum" like you said in your bio. Too bad Charlie never got that shot!


Erotic art expert. 11 months ago

Please note that Charles Lightfoot produces the most monotonous sets in this site. Hundreds of the photos that look same. Absolutely same ! I would like to see what the webmaster plans to do in order to help that.


Rich 2 years ago

Anybody reading my comments here, and at the various sites, might get the impression I'm an a-hole.

This is not generally the case, but I do get pissed off with half-wits who don't know what a camera is, much less what its used for, write saying how great a set is, when a moments refection of the offered images tell a completely different story.

I've been with M-A almost 10 years, and have noticed many changes, most of them ludicrous, but until recently, all writers could say was basic B-S.

Over the last couple of months however, more and more subscribers are offering their Honest opinions. I have not noticed one (I do not look at every set that comes in), but I have not seen one derogatory comment against any model, but some of the snappers (M-A very wrongfully calls anyone with a camera an Artist), are beginning to get a pasting from the people that keep M-A online.

And That's a Good thing. These so-called Artists should be pulled into line when their work fails, or their depiction of the model is not at her beautiful best.

So to those who are wondering, my angst is not against Sydney Wolf here or any other model. But I do get utterly angry at clowns who do not portray their model at her most exquisitely beautiful best.

In one of more favorable moments towards Met-Art, (they have had some horrendous brain-farts since Nov 2011), they do produce a great site and their models are among the most stunningly beautiful women on the planet.

Thanks & Cheers. R.


Rich 2 years ago

So far, after three sets, and still unable to have one decent image of Sydney Wolf, I have rated this page as a '1'.

That is in no way directed at Sydney personally. but at her snapper Lightfoot.

I think that with a photographer who knew his/her craft, Sydney would be portrayed in all her feminine beauty.

But in all these sets is Lightfoots' cleverness. More likely his stoopidity (sic).


EzyJ 2 years ago

Consistently low rated = continues to appear on site.


solrage 2 years ago

Sydney is gorgeous and, IMO, perhaps the best new model to appear this year. One of my rare 10/10s. It's just a shame she's hampered by perhaps MA's worst photographer. Would love to see Rylsky or Arkisi do some sets with her.


Rich 2 years ago

How the hell can you tell??

This snapper hasn't taken one decent image of Sydney in three sets.

But your .....'shame about the photographer'.... is absolutely on the nail Thanks. R.


solrage 2 years ago

I think you can "tell" a model's beauty despite (sometimes in spite of) her photographer; the same you might walk into... well, anywhere, and notice a beautiful woman even if they aren't trying to look beautiful (no makeup, plain clothes, etc.). To make an analogy, in film you can often easily distinguish between a great script hampered by bad acting/direction/production, or a bad script elevated by great acting/direction/production. It's not always that difficult to separate different elements of any art, and I think that's especially true when it comes to figure photography.

However, I would really try to discourage you from rating "this page" a 1. The way I see it, the model pages are for rating the models, the set pages are for rating the sets/photography. I wouldn't object to you giving every Sydney set a 1, but I'd beg you to rate her model page by how attractive you find her. Again, she's one of my favorite models to come a long in a while, but I DO dislike most all of her sets (and everything Lightfoot does). There's always the possibility another photographer will get a hold of her and bring out her best and post it here.


monkeryma 2 years ago

Consistently poor comments EzyJ, try being a bit more positive or if you dont have anything good to say then try not to say anything. It is very unlikely that all the women here are all to everyones taste.


Armach 2 years ago

Wow, Sydney! You are stunningly gorgeous.


Whew 2 years ago

What a lovely young lady! More please -


Rich 2 years ago

I'm stuffed how you can tell. Lightfoot is one of the most audacious snappers on the site. He has a camera far beyond his ability as a snapper to put to proper use.


beetle 2 years ago

An angel from the USA. Absolutely breathtaking from head to foot.
Long brown curly hair and a fantastic face.
Beautiful round breasts and a classic full moon.
The pussy is lush, the labia, full, wrinkled and dark.
Long slender legs and delicate soft well-shaped feet.
What more do you want? I dont know. Sydney Wolf is the fulfillment of my most secret wishes and desires!

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