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Tammi Lee

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Photos with Tammi Lee

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ray4met 1 year ago

Tammi take my breath away! It is like the sun is rising.
She is unbelieveable cute and beautiful ... simply heavenly!


3rdMPhoto 2 years ago

When I was a child our first dog, a French Poodle was named Tammi so I think it's cool you love animals, maybe you are a reincarnation of her.


tyler 2 years ago

Tammi's debut is amazing. Love to see her creamy pussy and anus in so many different shots.. both so lickable. Love the rest of her perfect 18 yr old body.


hipshot131 2 years ago

what happened???? Last night this set had a couple dozen comments? a couple of which were mine!


J F Willy 2 years ago

Tammie Lee is luscious! Look forward to seeing more of her!


face n butt 2 years ago

another hot new girl! with a sweet ass shes happy to show off! and im very happy to see! good job babe! and good job met for pulling in so many hot new girls lately!


beetle 2 years ago

Impressive. Tammi is a cute sweet model. A type »girl next door«.
Sweet face, beautiful long brown hair and green eyes. A flawless body with long legs and stunning delicate feet. To kiss from head to toes.
I want to see much more and quite soon please.


doggleboon 2 years ago

Girl next door? I want to live where you live.


face n butt 2 years ago

me too! ill live on the other door next to her! lol