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Taylor Sands

Netherlands Age Debut: 22


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fireball-xl5 1 year agoLifetime member

I always take it out for Taylor and give it a tug until I cum.

Thank you pretty lady,

Love, Paul. xxxxxxxxxx!


Nick101 1 year ago

Great model, great pussy, lovely labia - love that they appear to be naturally open so much of the time. Excellent.


beetle 2 years ago


One of the absolutely best.

Maybe even the best?

The face, breasts, nipples, butt, pussy, legs and the feet. Everything is worth seeing and sensational!


Tourist from Lyra 3 years ago

Very cute girl, just do not care for her vulva. Very,rare I'd turn off to an attractive girl just for that, but in this case, just me, it's a turn off. Sorry. Many more love her, so I admit I'm odd man out.


face n butt 3 years ago

just googled taylor sands anal. wow. lucky guys!


face n butt 3 years ago

id love to bury my face in that beautiful butt!


Rose 3 years ago

I just posted an interview with Taylor on the blog, I hope you will enjoy it :-)


Yukio 3 years ago

MMMMMMMmmmmm taylor...... Please say you have more coming!


Rmariano 3 years ago

Congratulations to MetArt staff. Taylor Sands is wonderfull, top 10 in porn world. Please show us more from her.


wombat 3 years ago

More please, much more.


Jaystar76 3 years ago

Her perfect pussy and beautiful face are both true works of art. Taylor is breathtaking. Her bush highlights her pussy in such arousing fashion. And those eyes... Wow! mesmerizing... Then she smiles and .... :)
She is my dream girl.... More of her please!!


Tomas 3 years ago

Ah-mazing! Beautiful.


Beauty Admirer 3 years ago

New or not she is smoking hot!


stardust 3 years ago

One of the best perfection. !!!!


hipshot131 3 years ago

Very nice start! Very pretty girl next door type and not at all shy. Welcome Taylor. Looking good.


hipshot131 3 years ago

It seems this little lady is not really new. She has several VT sets and at least one SA set.


doggleboon 3 years ago

She's a fairly big name on SA... 14 videos and 1 photo set.

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