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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Taylor

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Erotic art expert. 2 months ago

Please more set with her, but not by Arkisi !!!
I almost fell in love with this girl when she was photographed by Fabrice. I was shocked to see that Arkisi ruined the set with his usual monotony and overused close up.


beetle 4 months ago

Mmmmh, I love her little soft handy breasts.
Mmmmh, I love her wet and buxom pussy.
Mmmmh, I love her round full moon and the small round smooth anus.
Mmmmh, I love her silky feet and the sweet feet-fragrance, that flatters my nose.
Mmmmh, I love this girl, I love Taylor.


HCP1 4 months ago

Great debut , plenty more sets please !!!