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Tiang Fang

China Age Debut: 22


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Photos with Tiang Fang

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garyf 3 years ago

can we have some new sets of her pleaseeee ...


JohnnyBlue 4 years ago

Lets get some more pictures of this beautiful girl.


garyf 3 years ago

yup...i wish i can see more of her too


Drago 4 years ago

Taing Fang is one of my favorite of all models. On top of her physical beauty her humor and attitude make her even more beautiful. I think she is a 10.


BaggyPants 4 years ago

Many Asian women have the most amazing pubic hair, so soft looking. Tiang Fang is a wonderful example of that!

She also was blessed with great areolae and glass cutters, a hint of great ribs, a championship quality innie, and an amazing bum.

It is unfortunate that she and all the other Models that posed for Fan Xue Hui made so few appearances at MET.

Kudos and thanks to Tiang; and appreciation to Fan Xue Hui.