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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Lustful Lecher 2 years ago

Mmm- Natasha is not so shy......................


Twisted Wizard 3 years ago

Wow ... I'm completely taken by this model, whatever her name may be. It's not about a particular "this" or "that" about her face, figure or "look" ... it's just a consistent reaction inside me ... WOW ...


ocram 3 years ago

extremely glad to find her here on met art, she's been one of my favorite ladies for a few years now, has an absolutely perfect body, beautiful shape and fitness...


H WU 3 years ago

Nice new name Tigra.


tyler 3 years ago

Since your one site, thelifeerotic, has no comment section for Inna, I will use this as a spot to put my comments about her on that site. Such a great view of her pussy and anus in many pics. Her tits are amazing. She is definitely quite a fuck. She makes my dick very hard as I think about how it would be to lick her cunt and ass and then fuck both of them.


Dave C. 4 years ago

Inna R curvy petite beauty, Killer green eyes, beautiful mouth lips, erect long nipples, good looking labia/clit, awesome tight round ass, perfect tight body.


SouthernMaster 3 years ago

I'm sorry, curvy???


Tipo 4 years ago

No matter what she is beautiful and pure eastern European bliss. I am looking forward to more.


iluvsex 4 years ago

7 galleries over a period of 5 years is rather unique. Sexy girl and always enjoy viewing her lovely body.


iluvsex 4 years ago

5 galleries over 7 years! Too early, no coffee :(


garfield 4 years ago

It's a little bit strange, an now she is 20?


doggleboon 4 years ago

No, she was 20 in 2006. They recently changed the age from current age to age when first shot.


Lee B 3 years ago

hard to find Natasha of late. never knew her as Tigra.

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