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Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Tirata

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snake 9 months ago

lovely feet


Digger 2 years ago

9 months between sets, maybe she took a break , BUT if it's possible lets have more of her. Tirata is bewitching. Love her facial expressions. Looks like anticipation to me. Just pure PHEW anticipating.


semajw 2 years ago

I love this girl. I just wish she would find a real photographer to work with, instead of Albert Varin!


ChoReb 3 years ago

Will there be more to come? Tirata is so special, the world would be poorer without more, more, more updates of her at Met-Art. ;)


musicaz15 3 years ago

All I have to say is she is hotter than hell.


Judge 3 years ago

95% of the sets I page through before deciding to download them or not. Tirata is part of that rare 5% that I download without even going through the set. She's that good.


muller 4 years ago

Tirala is sweet beautiful little lady.
She looks awesome on photos, also thanks to Albert Varin.
I added her to my favorites.
In real life though I give her type of size a pass.


SouthernMaster 4 years ago

In certain pics she reminds me of a young Hilary Swank.


wildthing 4 years ago

what a lovely little rebel.


Sapphiramazed 4 years ago

A large welcome for a small and beautiful young woman. Triata, you have a very lovely and sensual not be shy about smiling! You are a total turn on!


jmfr 4 years ago

verry nice pussy and butifull face and labia the best teen .please another pics