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Russian Federation Age Debut: 23


Member Rating based on 1269 ratings

Photos with Ulia

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maxo 4 weeks ago

Can we see more of her? Please.


md_93 6 months ago

More more and more ! Ulia has the most beautiful smile, body and hairy pussy of all. Her smile, her bush, her delightful pussy lips and anus are a provocation to masturbation. And of course I did ! And I will again...


OntoMajorca 8 months ago

What a beauty!


Arkie 2 1 year ago

The bush notwithstanding, Ulia has that scrubbed, fresh-face look that kind of shouts "the girl next door". No matter her current rating (as of 11/17) she's a highly underrated model.


lastoftheV8s 1 year ago

Ulia is a great example of how the "top models" list is skewed only towards votes and not an algorithm. Look at her sets many have over 50,000 views. Yet several top models sets only have around 24,000 views. So much like YouTube the true data is in the stats recorded by algorithms not votes as likely only 2 or 3% of site members actually vote on anything and likely only 2% at best comment.

What I am saying at length here is that Ulia is likely truly one of the most popular models when based up algorithms measuring page views.


lastoftheV8s 1 year ago

Currently she averages 55,709 views per set farily impressive.


biteswithhunger 1 year ago

Best model on this site, hands down.


BigChief 1 year ago

My favorite, hands down! All natch, and straight fucking sexy!


RTCx 1 year ago

Amazing bush please never shave


hmmyababy 1 year ago

You're such a beauty would you please shave once, :-p


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Lovely lady a breath of fresh air gorgeous gorgeous Russian lady love it love her

Wow oh wow how have I missed this magnificent female specimen until now. Some women are just stunningly beautiful and are clearly in that awesome classic spectrum that 99.9% of men AND women both drool over or want to be around, then there's Jenya D and Michaela who sit at the very pinnacle of female beauty both alive today and who have ever lived.
And then there is the more conventional 'girl next door' type of women who is often almost heralded as being so desireable in an almost patronising way like we all know we truly adore those untouchable beauties but are happy to talk up the typical girl next door type cos that's who most of us will probably end up with.

I'd describe Ulia as a girl next door type,she absolutely has the looks of many girls that were in my year at school. You can imagine running into her or a woman like her at the supermarket or the pub.

She could be the every woman of erotic modelling scene and that's what makes her so truly breathtaking because the truth of the matter is any man who gets the opportunity to share some time with this gi has truly won lifes lottery.

And this really has to be stated - out loud or in text at least...... that bush is a thing of beauty with very few equal in the entire vista of humanity and the natural world.


fireball-xl5 1 year agoLifetime member

Just can't stop masturbating over the wonderful galleries of this wonderful piece of perfection, thank you God for sending this beautiful Angel of a girl down from Heaven!


Spiderman101 1 year ago

Ulia has the best smile, curves and bush of all this site, she is for me the TOP :))


Lots2admire 1 year ago

This girl puts extra starch in my shorts............Man!

Beautiful girl and i love ALL the hair. A nice change of pace from the standard shaved look. Please dont change your style down there! ;)

After getting to see Ulia in a few more pictorials now, I must admit I'm growing more and more fond of her. She is an Incredibly sexy girl. Beautiful face. Perfect body. and i love the full trimmed bush! very erotic.

But she also seems to have a lovely fun loving energy to her. She seems like she would be a fun girl to hang out with.

More of this beauty please asap!


justsayyo 2 years ago

Please shave so we can see what we are getting into!!!


Lots2admire 2 years ago

You know the head of the penis and the radar dome of a jet aircraft have a similar shape, and function. Trust me if you should ever get so lucky you will find your way...............................


Judge 2 years ago

Ulia has raw beauty. I don't know how others may define that, but to me raw beauty is a face you can look at that is void of make-up and not even care.


jack69is1 2 years ago

Obviously, you are a very beautiful young lady, Ulia. And, ALL of your hair adds immensely to your beauty. Thank you, Ulia.


5Seadogg 2 years ago

Frankly(and my name is NOT Frank)I totally love Ulia. The fact she choses to look like a grown woman makes me love her more!


DickDiver 2 years ago

Love this girl, but put me in for #teamshave


Lovely Davy 1 year ago

The firt set i see was 'Lekaten'...OMG, i was in extase! But when the first picture apears with her bush, it was over for me...
I undestand people can love this, so they enyoing it, no problems with that! For me, such bush she not appetite or attractive for me anymore...


Redhead Lover 2 years ago



Karon 3 years ago

We need more of this girl!


Ivan53 3 years agoLifetime member

So gorgeous, so happy & flirty! Please, please don't shave!


VictorDj2 3 years ago

Ulia's first set on Apr 6, 2016 received 108 comments by Apr 9. The view-count is now up to 43756 which is more than Jeff Milton on Apr 1. We have to go back to Mar 29 until we find a set that has more views (Sarika A with 45324).

This is very understandable. When you just look at the cover of her first set you see this new naked girl looking at you like she's really, really enjoying herself - and she has pubic hair.

Of course it's this hair that causes all the comments. The hair and the fact that she's such a cute and provocative girl. There are a lot of pics in her first set (#118 for example) where naked Ulia is looking at us with a victorious look. You can see all the hair on her outer labia AND all the hair surrounding her anus. Ulia is proud on herself. It's not about whether or not WE like her genitals shaven or not, it's about HER loving to pose with no shame and all the hair and nudity she has to offer.

So Ulia, keep up that attitude. I really love it!


risendragonborn 2 years ago

It is up to 88976 as of March 13th 2017


mcbinc 2 years ago

you have much time on your hands.


bernardfrog 3 years ago

What a body that you have Ulia, very lovely smile, beautiful hairs and this is perfection, with nice small breast and a delicious pussy. Please stay so and don't shave it. I'm very impatient to see your other sets


beetle 3 years ago

Ulia has a cute face and a incredibly erotic body. Fine breasts and a luscious ass and a adorable hairy fresh pink pussy. A delightful hairy affair. Great start.

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