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Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Valencia

Members Comments (18)


Starfire 4 weeks ago

Beautiful natural girl.
Request more always.


Mojohand01 5 months ago

A very beautiful young woman. More, please!


CK16 11 months ago

Can rival Anna AJ of a few years ago if she gets enough sets.


Atamas302 10 months ago

Nope, this one can smile.


Thomas M 11 months ago

This girl is incredible.I have a hard time taking my eyes off of her.It is like she was dropped out of heaven for us to admire her incredible beauty.I am in love with lovely Valencia.Have to see her much more.


HotteHottrHottest 12 months ago

Chums, this is the worse Valencia gallery by Matiss so far. Which should be expected given that his signature "fake green foliage" backdrop is employed in this one, (and its even rated a nine so far,can u believe it - its a ZERO)!!! How awful, inept, and just plain unmotivated can you get, given this young ladies high ratings, thus far; and her sky-rocketed beginning at MA. She needs to be recruited by someone else. I was beginning to have a better opinion of this so-called artist at the beginning of the year; but its been utterly a series of bungling efforts by Matiss lately, (with that green background BS); and worst of all, - what he's done with Elle Tan, and now Valencia. Where is Kendall? How is it, that this guy cannot get the message; after all these years! Notable deroogating tags on this effort! Whew!!!


ArtCurator 1 year ago

Valencia has a simple, innocent, unsophisticated look about her. I hope that MetArt doesn't spoil this new model as it has done with so many other models by transforming her into a sophisticated glamour model over successive videos and galleries. Not all "diamonds in the rough" improve in appearance with excessive "polishing".


Ivan Sweet 1 year ago

This is exactly why I have an annual subscription at MetArt. You wait around a bit, maybe even a little overloaded with so many nude girls, and suddenly an absolutely stunning young model like Valencia makes her debut, with superb photography and setting.

Bravo to everyone involved!!

Looking forward to more sets from this angel.


footlover 1 year ago

More pictures please of this young princess she is absolutely perfect i love her feet really more focus of her sexy barefeet thanks


Samurai 1 year ago

Valencia is one of the hottest girls to make her nude debut in 2018 but so far only one set - would be a shame not to produce a few sequels.


Hipshot13XX 1 year ago

From unknown to #1 on the models list on her very first set! That doesn't happen very often but this little angle hits all the right nerves with this presentation and we have Matiss to thank for that! A perfect little lady in every way including a confident sexuality and a friendly personality that makes us all sigh with the sweet dreams she creates. The Met world is full of possibilities for Valencia and she will go as far as she wants so lets hope for a long and productive stay for this dark haired beauty.


RichC 1 year ago

Valencia is a very pretty girl with an amazing body. 10 plus!


YallBinZapped 1 year ago

Yes! Valencia is whhhatzup. Amazing addition to Met Art


ViRaL 1 year agoLifetime member

It's nice when I get my mind changed about tall girls.


Knackers 1 year ago

Such a gorgeous and intensely sexy beauty, I hope she becomes very prolific!.


Roger 1 year agoLifetime member

This adorable new entry by Matiss is a really soft lickable Treasure from head to toes!!! Welcome Valencia on MetArt!!! I'll waiting Your next photo sets or videos like a dog with the tongue outside waiting for something special!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


beetle 1 year ago

Sexy girl, slim with feminine curves on the right places. Valencia has much to offer.
Lovely smooth face with long brown hairs and brown deer eyes. So lovely.
Medium sized breasts with dark nipples. Just to cuddle them.
Classical fullmoon and a soft anus. For licking out.
Moist plump pussy with nice small labia. To suck them the whole day long.
Long, and I mean really long slim legs. Perfect formed.
Smooth feet with bright silky soles and tiny toes.


Biker13 1 year ago

Absolutely stunning. More please. Can't get enough.