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Vanessa Angel

Czech Republic Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Vanessa Angel

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Spatz1 3 months ago

Was für ein schöner Schatz, ganz steif wird mein Spatz...


snake 5 months ago

cute feet


ViRaL 2 years ago

Just one cosplay set of Vanessa dressed as Kaylee Frye from Firefly.. I'd be a happy man.


Jman 3 years ago

My god where does MET find these girls?!! This is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen!! Unbelievable. MET continues to raise the bar. They truly are in a league of their own.


gemini 3 years ago

Beautiful. I would love to see her on video.


BigDukes 3 years ago

Vanessa is adorable


doggleboon 3 years ago

Vanessa is the nice girl you take home to meet your mother. But later, in private, she shows you what your mother didn't tell you about nice girls.

That's Vanessa in my fantasies.


Ken Tavos 3 years ago

I actually think you are spot on.


VictorDj2 3 years ago

Vanessa gets under your skin. At first it seems there's not that much "special" about her.

But then you see how much she enjoys showing her body for you. She doesn't throw you seductive looks, she opens her legs and you look into her eyes and you both know: she is doing this because she wants this so much. She's anxious, excited, determined and very concentrated when she's nude in front of DeltaGamma's camera. I don't know if it's the adrenaline or if Vanessa is just horny, but she got me hooked.


Rich 3 years ago

Davi, I should have paid more attention to your words back in May 2014:(

I followed Vanessa's first four sets and flagged her as a 'maybe'.

After seeing a new post of her today and just out of curiosity, I went to her page, and noticed 3 new sets. Honestly, Asimila didn't make me change my mind, but when I opened Naesma, I was Blown Away:)

Being a 'leg' man, I check ankles, calves, thighs if the girl is wearing a mini skirt, then her eyes. Because what I am really after is that secret place tucked away securely between a nice set of pins.

What You and Vanessa gave us in Naesma, that set was mind blowingly erotic. I am now unashamedly addicted to Vanessa.

Only one disappointing feature, if I may venture to say - I hate, Hate,HATE, being dumped into a tub of icy water at the end of these sets. I like to end on a high of delightful pussy shots, rather than the model dressed in swathes of clothing. Just a thought:)

Thank you Vanessa for expressing your emotions without restraint. The images are a wonderful and a delight to behold.

Thank you Davi, for instilling in Vanessa, the confidence and security this work demands.


Lucky Bastard 3 years ago

Beautiful eyes. Lovely and beautiful ass. Dazzling smile. Erotic beauty. Overall, 10++++. More of Vanessa, please.


wildthing 3 years ago

Killer Babe.


monkeryma 4 years ago

More Vanessa please!


doggleboon 4 years ago

I am absolutely in love with this woman. Those eyes....


doggleboon 4 years ago

Who was the idiot who tagged this girl big ass? Beautiful ass? Yes! Big? Not at all.

4 years ago

Very pretty with a great body and sexy poses and captivating eyes. I look forward to seeing much more from this new model. She is great!


mariom 4 years ago

Very sweet! Need a lot more of Vanessa Angel please.


TwistedTales 4 years ago

CUTE!!! + HOT!!!! + SENSUOUS!!!


H WU 4 years ago

Just like her name Vanessa is an angel.


uuusssee 4 years ago

Lovely girl! Very lovely!


Deltagamma 4 years ago

My own private Jessica Biel..


Rich 3 years ago

Jessica can only wish...... :)


doggleboon 4 years ago

Except that Vanessa is MUCH prettier than Jessica Biel.


fer_realz 4 years ago

( :

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