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Vanessa H

Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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3 years ago

What happened to her video "Parimia"? (2014-01-07)


spike 2 years ago

It's been hijacked, now at Femjoy (with different music). I rarely download videos because they're always available here(?) for members, luckily I've got this one. K, this is bullshit.

2 years ago

Thanks for the reply and lead spike.

2 years ago

Hi spike,

To be honest I am not sure what happened here. Unless the photographer made a mistake and sold the video to both sites. We don't sell anything to Femjoy and we obviously would not want something published on MetArt if it is also published there.

2 years ago

Please bring back her video if possible. I would very much like to see it again. It's a bit saddening when content is mysteriously removed like this.
Thank You.


Alex 3 years ago

In all her videos close up is over used. The girl is great though.


fer_realz 3 years ago

Those gorgeous green eyes are totally captivating (see Versu).
A good demonstration of why and how green eyes are held to have magical properties...


Shawn 3 years ago

There should be a lot more sets of her! Stunning girl!


orion2012 4 years ago

I hope there are photo sets coming for her last two movies. She's exquisite.


Pabsmear 4 years ago

Wow! She is one heck of a woman! Wouldn't mind finding her in my bed!