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Vanessa J

Estonia Age Debut: 19


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Photos with Vanessa J

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PhotoFan76 3 years ago

The perfect girl next door. If you saw her out and about she would turn heads. But they would be clueless as to how beautiful she actually is. Thank you for modeling and letting us see how beautiful you are.


5seadog 5 years ago

Vanessa is very beautiful, but she badly needs a photographer.


Evis 4 years ago

Yes I agree, one of the best looking girls, but as you said, the photographer? Looks like he's using one of the first digital cameras from the end of the nineties. No contrast, no skin texture. Too many of these kind of photographers at Met for the moment.


Arkie 2 2 years ago

Uh... MORE megapixels do NOT make a better photograph, or photographer for that matter.

Maybe you already know, maybe you don't, but not all of the sets presented on MetArt were necessarily shot recently. K, the content manager, has a large library of as-yet unpublished work, some I'm sure dating back more than a year or two. So to lump a group of photographers together because of what you perceive as having used outdated or outmoded equipment "... from the end of the nineties." is just not a fair statement of what the reality may be.

And FYI Koenart is a female photographer.


iluvsex 5 years ago

Love this girl! Super sexy first set and hope to see more real soon! She looks very sexy in her black outfit. Has the perfect set of ass and legs to model the outfit.


ergo 5 years ago

Simply delicious.


a2m2 5 years ago

Gorgeous eyes, beautiful smile, long sexy legs, and a great body overall, this girl is sure to be a favorite for many