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Varya A

Ukraine Age Debut: 20


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2 years ago

Varya radiates femininity, from her sweet lips to her tender breasts to her unbelievably seductive legs n lips


MX338 4 years ago

.... I did not want to stop looking at this set. Impressive!


noneck5640 6 years ago

The two postings of Varya A are of two different girls. The first by Goncharov posted 25.11.2012 and the second by Vladimiroff posted 09.04.2013. Could you please check this out. I can tell by the because the posting by Vladimiroff has super fine breasts and the other posting does not have the same breasts.


doggleboon 5 years ago

No, definitely the same girl.


solrage 6 years ago

I never thought I'd see a pair of breasts like that when my beloved Eva Wyrwal aka Iga A retired, but lo and behold! Varya is a great find, and I hope to see lots more of her.


James 6 years ago

Lovely unshaven pussy. More please. Great breasts and nice face.


5seadog 6 years ago

Varya is very pretty and knows how to pose, but she needs to do something about the undercarriage, as American girls put it. Many girls get razorburn doing that by shaving,so she would have to look into waxing or laser hair removal.As a model friend says,your boyfriend doesn't care if you look like an a-bomb went off down there as long as you are not actually diseased.Your photographer will have a fit if you are razorburned.(She razorburns easily)(Note on modelspeak-the undercarriage are the openings of anus and vagina)