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Venice Lei

Croatia Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Venice Lei

Members Comments (23)


Keith6201 2 months ago

Her bush is subtle .. i like it. Your face is adorable and your sweet confidence is subtle also.


TudiLongShe 4 months ago

Her beauty surpasses that of any other model. Thank you for bringing her into the spotlight for all of us to admire.


Harden D 7 months ago

nice feet. she looks like Scarlett Johansson.


Harden D 7 months ago

nice feet


Erofan 9 months ago

Is she still active? There has not been any update from her for over 3 months on the Metart network. Any update soon?


snake 10 months ago

lovely feet


Nick101 1 year ago

Great model - wonderful figure and stunningly pretty. Love to see rather more of those lovely labia though.


Nick101 1 year ago

Gosh frustrating that that lovely pussy is so wasted - be lovely to see the labia properly opened.


2Shy 1 year ago

Venice is a goddess. And Relsky's pictures of her are RELSexY.


2Shy 1 year ago

I meant Rylsky. Sorry I misspelled your name. Must be the Scotch I'm drinking.


specksstim 2 years ago

Gorgeous! More!


Groundhog 2 years agoLifetime member

Venice Lei is unspeakably beautiful......


Metfan2017 2 years ago

Are there more sets with her?


Sweety 2 years ago

I am deeply impressed about this new beauty. She is marvellous! I just wished she would shave her pussy. May be she will think about it.


Judge 2 years ago

Nice model. Too bad the sets are so short.


superman313 2 years ago

What a beautiful girl wow...


jack69is1 2 years ago

WOW! Stunning! Perfection!


Colfree 2 years agoLifetime member

Such a beauty

Beautiful girl. love her bush too! more please asap!

After seeing her second pictorial, I Just have to add:
AWESOME girl... Wow!
Her face is SO beautiful. Those lips kill me!!
And her pussy is SO pretty!! That bush is PERFECT!!!
I love this girl. I find her SO incredibly arousing!!!!!!!


Elduraverga 2 years ago

Oh yes, such beautiful face and a smooth, slender body! And such a lovely bush, keep it, darling! Please just trim occasionally around those beautiful labia and let me see in!!


randycat 2 years ago

Girl you could be Angelina Jolie's little sister, You are gorgeous Venice!!!!
This being your first time, I am very happy and honored to see and enjoy very much your first set .
In fact I enjoyed your set so much, I'm excited for your next appearance, and the next and next ... I mean I hope we get to see you in a 100 sets, I will never tire of seeing you brighten my day sweet angel.
Welcome to Met Art dear Venice. :)


beetle 2 years ago

Venice is fabulous. A warm friendly face with black curls and blue eyes.
The small round breasts are slightly bent upwards and the sweet nipples look cheeky in the sky.
The taut butt invites you to massage and stroking. The pussy is luscious and pubic hair surrounds the pussy like a light fluffy. Great!
The legs are long and slender and the feet could be kissed from early morning to late night.
Venice is fabulous.

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