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She needs to learn how to smile! At least a little. The body is pretty damn nice after she got that ugly corset off. I hate those things. What woman in her right mind would wear one of those things? they sure ain't sexy. That is one lovely pussy and everything else is pretty hot too.

She has good potential is she learns to lighten up a bit.

For the photographer, That 1890's saloon girl underwear went out of style when my Grandfather was still alive. All you need is net stockings to make this girl into a Paris hooker. And for gods sake tell her that the sultry, poutey look only adds to the cheap image. It almost never works.

Love a good corset... speak for yourself, Mr H.

I too wonder about the bio pic. And I wonder about the tags, one of which says "barefoot," even though she wears those damn shoes throughout the set. But credit where it's due: Verona is a lovely woman, especially beautiful in the parts that matter most.

go to 'options' and shut them off. If everyone does that, maybe they will just go away.

Before publication, every set goes through a "tagging" software program that randomly selects tags and applies them whether appropriate for the set or not... (That's MY assessment!) When you've been here long enough, you learn to ignore the tags entirely. They've come to mean absolutely nothing!

Thanks rock hard. It's clear that nothing is sacred, not even tags. I am utterly disillusioned.

Who the H E double hockey sticks selected the bio picture? Does this mean that photosets of Verona as a blonde are available for future publication?

Not even sure it is the same person? Maybe another MetArt name mixup?

Definitely not the same girl. The one set that the 'blonde' Verona A was in, is no longer on the site.....???? wtf?????
I punched in the name and got only this girl... Glad I saved it! Not likely to see her again! But this girl is very lovely also! Nice set.

She's a master of disguise.

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