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Veronika B

Ukraine Age Debut: 23


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Members Comments (5)


Rin-Rin 2 months ago

One of my favorites when I first discovered Met-Art. The hairy arms are a lovely touch!


Gatroll 2 months ago

I adore this model's sets. Bravo!


Sten 11 months ago

Both - the model and the sets deserve at least 9.50.


Oneperson01 3 years ago

I stole her!!! ('v'). And why not? She is just so beautiful, slim, poised and with a great smile. She started modelling years before this set, on some of the early lolita sites that are no longer around. Lost all my pics from then in a computer accident. ('~') Veronika is a truly wonderful lady.


Vinnie 3 years ago

What ever happened to this beauty??? :~(

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