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Veronika Glam

Lithuania Age Debut: 23


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Photos with Veronika Glam

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Inkognito67 5 months ago

Hallo alle zusammen,

Veronika, eine wunderschöne und faszinierende Frau. Natürlich, weich und sinnlich. Alles an diesem Mädchen ist pure Verführung. Sie ist nur magisch. Das Gesicht, die vollen Brüste, die schöne Muschi, der runde Hintern und die zarten Füße und Hände. Eine Frau wie ein Engel 😇 und in diesen Bildern festgehalten für die Ewigkeit und definitiv ein Top-10-Mädchen. Danke Rylsky und auf jeden Fall bitte bitte mehr von dieser Frau.
PS: Ein Video wäre das Highlight des Ganzen!

Anregende Grüße


Inkognito67 9 months ago

Dear Veronica,

Again, I'm surprised how different you can be. Actually, it is always the same wonderful, fascinating and perfectly formed body with the face of an angel and an incredibly present aura that immediately captivates the viewer. But you manage to play with the camera and perfect the visions of the artist and so it will not be boring to watch you ... On the contrary you become addicted to more !!!

Thank you, Engelchen, for sharing these intimate moments with us and thanks to Rylsky and MetArt for giving this diamond the opportunity to shine !!!💋


Astrs 12 months ago

Veronika Glam-our


Inkognito67 1 year ago

Veronika, you are truly a gifted young woman with a lively personality and a beautiful body and a talent to look so natural in these intimate and erotic shots. Not many can do that!
Even with the close-up of your pussy I have the feeling that you are completely free and ready to open.
This is a prime example of how incredibly beautiful a woman's body is. He is the source of life and comes with so many different shapes and sizes that are perfectly united in your body. And when presented in this way - proud, joyful, erotic and with the necessary respect for the woman who surrenders to show everything he truly claims his claim ......
Thank you Veronika anderen thank you MetArt


beetle 1 year ago

Veronika Glam is a real feminine and erotic gem. Her face is so smooth, tender and lovely, with nice cherry lips and magical green eyes.
Her extraordinary sexy big breasts reminds me of the breasts of Daniel Sea. Perfect size and shaped. A little hanging down, just marvellous.
Veronika's pubic hairs are so as I love them so much. Fluffy and tender, just for kissing and licking. And her pussy and labia are also sexy and eroticly, so as her fullmoon and her smooth anus.
Veronika's feet are sensational sexy and seductive. Smooth, silky soles and fine shaped toes. I would like to take them in my mouth and lick them.

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