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Veronika Mink

Russian Federation Age Debut: 19


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Dave821 1 year ago

Yes Please MORE of Veronica


Sturgeon 3 years ago

Wonderful girl. I'd love to see more sets of her in the future.


beetle 3 years ago

I close my eyes and imagine my dream girl. The face, the body and the body parts. Just everything.
Then I open my eyes and see ... Veronika Mink. Wow. My dream came true.
An angel face, long brown hair, blue eyes. Perfect.
A body like from a fashion magazine. Slim, white and incredibly feminine. Sensational firm breasts, small delicate nipples and large smooth areolas. Simply ideal.
A pretty waist, a sexy back with a great round and soft butt. The butt crack makes my blood freeze.
The pussy and labia hide the view of the feminine mystery. What I want to give for a look into this kingdom of heaven.
Legs long and slender with pretty shackles. And particularly sexy are the delicate feet. Not too big with smooth soles and bright cute shapely toes. I would like to nibble on all ten toes.
My dream has come true actually. Thanks Veronica!