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Vicky Masone

Russian Federation Age Debut: 23


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Photos with Vicky Masone

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Checkers 11 months ago

Hey! Ron Offlin! Hurry up and give us a new Vicki set! I'm getting impatient! ☺️


Robt 1 year ago

DOES Ron Offlin have any concept of camera focusing? The most pix are out of focus. Old? Eye problems?
I HAVE SAID a few times that the MET has to look for new photographers along with new models.


Rocketman7 1 year agoLifetime member

More Please.


Barnie 1 year agoLifetime member

Gorgous delicious package


doggleboon 1 year ago

I think the height and weight have to be wrong. The numbers given would make her a very skinny girl and she's not a very skinny girl.


SouthernMaster 1 year ago

A good rule of thumb is to ignore all model stats here.


Rose 1 year agoCommunity Staff

We use the stats the models give us but I would agree these seem off.. in any case, she's a cute little package for sure!


RichC 1 year ago

Vicky has a lovely face and smile and a gorgeous body. Beautiful pussy and anus.


beetle 1 year ago

Vicky ID a outstanding beauty. She has a first class body. Naked and pure as God created her. Perfect pussy, butt and delicious smooth anus. The beautifully shaped medium sized breasts are presented as appetizing as the pretty back and the cute smooth feet with the silky soles. Really fine.


Nick101 1 year ago

Lovely new model - great body and pretty too. She has a lovely pussy, great labia - what a shame to not see these open in a few shots.