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Viola, I love your breasts, and spent a long time today enjoying you nude. What a great orgasm you gave me!

....now how come it took me 24 hrs. to realize this is a Viola + Violla day?
I see what you did there, K... ( ;

Viola is simply beautiful,and I don't mind if she gets out of her clothes slowly as long as she makes it worth waiting for. Viola Bailey certainly does that. She and Koenart each get a 10++++

Viola rocks my day once again, she's just so damn cute and those tits, my word, how completely delightful!.

I don't think "large" in the bio covers it for Viola. We may need to add a new classification - "X large" for her and a few others.

I'd go for epic.

One of my favourites! Wonderful set!



LOL Can't argue with that!!! ;o)

Wow, that's good stuff!!

Is there an echo in here.....??


You never got bit by the double-post gremlin, Rock?

Oh yeah... It's been quite a while, but I have indeed. And it was always "operator error"! LOL

Wow, that's good stuff!!!

  • 3 years ago:

I have no words that can do this justice. Thank you.

Black panties would help lift this set from a bland combination of light and color.

I prefer white... but then, that wouldn't help in the "bland" department.
If you can tear your eyes away from Viola that is!

May day...May day! It's a "monster titty" invasion!!

Should I start a "Doug style" campaign against oversized breasts...? ;o)
JK! I realize most will not understand or recognize the term "oversized breasts" , so it would never get off the ground anyway...lol Viola's a beautiful girl though...and it's a nice set.

The nice thing is... Viola grew them herself.

Actually, I don't really put a lot of importance on breasts. I'm more of a leg man myself, but you just have to admire breasts of that size, being natural and all. And the fact that the rest of her body is slim and average-sized makes them appear even larger.

"makes them appear even larger"....Like "MONSTERS"? LOL

Actually that sweet little Shakira calls them (large breasts) "mountains" in one of her early songs...

I really don't mean to make fun because that's something that's as out of our control as the size of anything else on our bodies...;o) I just prefer they be of a more modest size...
And when I say out of our control, that excludes the issue of implants of course!!

Well after four martinis, I mustered up the courage to jump into Viola... She's really very pretty, and that's an awful sweet lookin' bottom!!! But "KOWA BUNGA DUDE!!" And doug...I think they ARE "natural"!! ;o) I suppose you'd like to see some hair around them...;o) (lol)

I feel fortunate to enjoy all sizes ... the more variety, the more I like it. It's like ice cream, why stop at one or two flavors? :)

A valid point...

I don't even know why I bother to click through to individual photos when I see a set from Viola. I know I'm going to download the zip file. She is exceptional.

It seems 45 degrees can cause disorientation.

I suppose my comment made sense when I wrote it. ):

Ha ha ha ha!!!
I thought I was the only one who does that!

:( Disregard my nonsensical comment.

Sorry, too busy laughing to disregard. ( :

120 gorgeous photos of a perfectly beautiful young woman. Simply excellent.

I'll buy that for a dollar!


Perfection, no more need be said.

I agree with that.

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