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Wanda A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 18


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Member's Comments (3)


Lustful Lecher 3 months ago

Wanda is my kind of woman- Quite simply beautiful...............................


reece 2 years ago

she is so hot! more please!


Lenny 3 years ago

What an amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful young woman THIS is! Wanda looks like a classical Renaissance goddess, the kind of idealized woman who inspired Botticelli's Birth of Venus! Fair-haired, fair-skinned and voluptuous, Wanda IS a vision of romantic love & erotic attraction.

Yeah, and I don't think that's going overboard. I think it's a fair comparison. Wanda looks just like Venus! Stunning & Inspiring, imho!

My thanks to her and to Rylsky. I DO hope we get to see more of Wanda!

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