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Welesa Wil

Belarus Age Debut: 22


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Art lover 1 11 months ago

very nice girl ! however I am wondering what is wrong with her skin color ? she not looking like a real human. may be you guys need to reduce the using of editing technique.


gemini 3 years ago

What a great girl. She is 10s all around as far as I'm concerned. Stunningly lovely. Succulent body and a gorgeous face. Love her.


Magwich 5 years ago

Ah, indeed, yes. Vat Vill she?


6.5x55SwM 5 years ago

This woman has sass and spunk......... her female form adds to her delight to view! Continue on fair woman, Welesa Wil.


H WU 5 years ago

Welesa is very adorable with that beautiful body.


hipshot131 5 years ago

What a sweet little angel you have found here. A very nice debut indeed. I think Welesa is going to fit right in both here and on RA

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