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Too many Portraits!

Xena is gorgeous. superb body. good set. one comment Katya, why i do not see Xena's nipples??

Is Katya short for Catherine?

yes. Katya is Catherine

Is Katya short for Catherine?

need for sharp focus again.

One only wonders what escaped into "delete bin" to conform with standards established.
Young woman, and Cathrine, continue on in quest for the image.....

I'm going on record right now: "I AM NOT A XENAPHOBE!"

TBH, I would probably be *petrified* if I ever met Xena in real life... ( :

I'm "petrified" already!

I'm definately a Xenaphile.

In your wet dreams, ameego!

If you are going to dream, dream big.

I never considered your models looking genderless,but I always remarked
a lack of eroticism in your images.However,that is not the case with Xena,who largely compensates for it with tons of beauty,feminity and elegance.A real treat for my eyes.Better and better,that´s it.

The Seller

Absolutely gorgeous, Xena is getting better and better, I'd love to see her paired with Vanda!.

With Alysha A.

That would be nice!

More like cliche!

Unexceptional photos of an above-average model.

Very uninspiring set

What would have inspired YOU in photographing this lovely young woman?


A very boring comment.

But unfortunately it's true!

I don't know what & how you do it but in almost all your photosets (excepional case: Nastya) the models seem to be genderless creatures and exactly this is uninspiring & boring.

So it is this set too.

Why would you use the term "genderless" when describing the models Catherine presents us with? As far as I can see, they have all the requisite "female parts" so they can't be mistaken as being androgynous or hermaphroditic.

Maybe uuusssee means Catherine ussualy gets the models behave as
neutral(yet beautiful)subjets,in unusual gymnastic poses that have
nothing to do with erotic photography,resulting in boring(yet nice)images.Not haermaphroditic,but calisthenic.
Maybe uuusssee or myself,or whoever mean anything,regardless of your opinión.
Come on,Judge Arkie2,don´t be so strict.Forgive us.Can´t imagine how severe Judge Arkie1 may be...
As of you proofreading in search of spelling or grammar errors,consider posting in a foreign language.Try.Dare.Disastrous?

The Seller

Wow !

Not sure what you're looking at.

Catherine is one of the best photographers on this site.

Check out her sessions with Vanda. Superb !!!

Xena has such a serene, timeless beauty... absolutely flawless. ( :

Hi fer_realz_) This was the third set for the model. She felt safe and coped with the task.

Thank you for the amazing set, Catherine. ( :

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