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Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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Photos with Xola

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88chicken 2 months ago

What a shame this young beauty did not enjoy a longer modeling career! She is absolutely gorgeous! I doubt she is still active, but if there are any pictorials in the archive, you should bring them out!


edit8r 4 years ago

Whatever happened to this delicious, captivating, sensuous model? Catherine, please bring us more sets of her!


Judge 4 years ago

My only regret with Xola is that I can't rate her any higher than a 10.


Rainer4 4 years ago

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...


Digger 4 years ago

Definitely a reincarnation, quite possibly of all my fantasies. I love the close ups of her face, could stare for hours and then move down a foot and stare again for hours, and then move down again - I need more time...


rachsback 5 years ago

Absolutely delicious!!!


6.5x55SwM 5 years ago

I have suddenly realized, the captivation of Xola, the necklace she wares. Well, I will not attribute it all to the necklace! She has most outstanding attributes other than the necklace!
It is so much joy to subsribe to Met-Art; parade of erotic photos, provided by illuminary photographers, it just keeps getting better and better


6.5x55SwM 5 years ago

There are positives and negatives, on both sides of this young woman's photo shoot. Let us only stay with the positive; some are very hypocredical. Lending thier observations, to achive that which they believe is correct. Are they being paid for these observations?
Let us go with the flow of this young woman's presentation. Each one of us started on the ground floor, allow time to progress to enhance the finesse of which I believe she is capable.


6.5x55SwM 5 years ago

Something Egyptian comes to mind, when I view this woman's set. Strike of eyebrow, oval of eye. and perhaps the faint of smile on lips. Also, the frame of her body, familar to hieroglyphic characters, inscribed decades ago into stone. Is she a reincarnation of an achivement due to modern age?


Neil 5 years ago

Xola, you are so very pretty.