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Zhang A

China Age Debut: 20


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ArtCurator 5 months ago

I wish that MetArt had more "ethnic" models like this one.


P P Rubbens 2 years ago

which part of the world might the photographer and his Chinese beauties come from? I guess Taiwan


Steve462 5 years ago

This girl reaches out and grabs my heart. Her eyes and figure are delightful to look at and meditate on. I have downloaded Zhang's film and have watched it three times.


nightrider 5 years ago

The photographer has done an excellent job on the 2 photo sites and the 1 movie. He has very nice touch using soft tones and giving a very sensual natural look. Its so nice to see excellent work and a excellent model. There was 4 years between the photos of 2007 and the movie in 2011. WHY not have some more in 2013!