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Zusie A

Czech Republic Age Debut: 21


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teeme 1 year ago

I like me some blonde


Spiderman101 2 years ago

Zusie A is the siren in the sea of my dreams every night. No woman in the universe is beautiful like her, fantastic smile and a body perfect,; these are the best photos of the site, very very thanks :)


Sten 4 years ago

She deserves better photographers and better photosets.


Tomcat8229 6 years ago

I have to comment on the 18 galleries of Zusie. With the exception of the one by Tim Fox, the one by Mark and the "Doorway" sequence of Nancy Murrian, most of these galleries were a waste of film!

Such a beautiful girl with a wonderful ass and these photographers(Nancy & Erro) failed to take advantage of one of Zusie's outstanding features! There were 14 galleries between them and only one came close to recognizing this! If it hadn't been for Tim and Mark, I would've put my fist through the screen out of frustration! The others belong with the likes of Natasha and Pasha, who also seem to feel a lovely butt is somehow unattractive!


daveyd 3 years ago

Maybe because she looks high on pot in every set?


Electric Ass 3 years ago

They didn't take pictures of her ass because she looks stoned? Makes sense.

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