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MetArt accepts new submissions on a daily basis. We are quite simply the most famous nude/erotic website in the world. Being accepted by us means that over 1.5 million people will see your work and your name on a daily basis.

MetArt is one of the TOP 1000 websites on the net. Many photographers have started their careers with us and received a great deal of exposure due to our enormous popularity and web presents. We look forward to starting a career with you as well.

We have submission guidelines for both Photo and Video that you must read and adhere to in order for us to consider your submission for purchase.

All photo submissions must be emailed to:

In the subject line of your email, please use: (Your Name) - NEW PHOTOGRAPHER APPLICATION

Please email a few samples of your work. Samples must be 800 pixels, to 1000 pixels on the largest side. Once we reviewed the samples, we will discuss a possible collaboration.

We receive hundreds of new applications every week. It's absolutely vital that we see some samples. It's also imperative that ANY submitted sample features girls over the age of 18.

DO NOT send samples without unaltered, government issued identification establishing the model was eighteen or older at the time of the filming.

Each submission must be emailed with the above-mentioned ID attached. If you cannot meet this requirement, please don't email us at all. Your submission will be automatically rejected and your email address will most likely be banned.

To have your submission considered for purchase by us each submission will have to include the following:

  • 2 IDs for each model as well as a signed model release, signed by the model.
  • If you do not have 2 different IDs for the model, 2, or 3 photos of the model holding the document will be considered. Please inquire.
  • The model IDs must be sent together with the samples. Absolutely no submissions will be considered or reviewed unless proper ID is included with your submission.
  • An original sample containing the EXIF data of when the photo was shot must be added to the samples.
  • DO NOT send ZIP files as we will not open them.  Just attach the samples to your email. We do not review links so please do not send them. We will only review attached photos with proper ID included.
If your submission does not comply with these requirements do not contact us or send us any sample.

In general, we accept sets of up to 120 photos.

For video submissions, please send an inquiry email to: for instructions on where and how to upload your submission. The model's ID must also be included with video submissions. ID requirements for video submissions are the same as for photo submissions as written above and should be included with your submission. Please read the content guidelines before making your submission.

MetArt Photo and Video Content Guidelines
Photographers Guidelines
Image Resolution:
  • All submissions and images should be at minimum 12 mega pixels.
Images and scenes we want and don't want:
  • NO masturbation.
  • NO toys visible in any image.
  • NO nude men visible in any image.
  • DO NOT shoot with wide angle lenses that distort proportions of the model's body.
  • DO NOT shoot with weird angles, they do not work.
  • Include non-nude photos also. For example, the model in a coffee shop, in town walking around, or any real life image.
  • Props, if any at all, are to be minimal and should make sense.
  • Tell a story with the series. This is very important. How many times do you think people will want to see a girl on a white couch? Not many.  Be creative and tell a story with your photos. It should be simple, easy to understand and dynamic.
  • NO more bathroom or shower scenes. Be creative!
  • DO NOT over use makeup, costumes or Photoshop! We want the girls to be as natural as possible, innocent and sensual.
  • NO tattoos, piercing, breast enhancements, etc. We do not want any additions to the model as this makes the girls look fake. If a model has a small tattoo that you can edit out before sending the submission, that is fine. If she is covered in tattoos that you try to edit out, no matter how good at editing you are, it will look bad and will not be acceptable for purchase.
  • Find new fresh-faced models, please do not reshoot models we already have. We are always looking for new girls.
Videographer Guidelines
Videos submitted to MetArt must have the following elements in order to be considered for purchase.
  • All videos must have a story. Think of a storyline for every shoot. This is our most important note to you. On every video you shoot from now on, you should be able to say what the "story" is in one sentence. It could be as simple as "girl has been waiting to get a letter from her boyfriend and it finally comes" or "Girl is making dinner for her boyfriend who's on his way over." The story should be erotic and the girls should be honest and innocent. Just dancing in a doorway or playing on the beach or running around in the woods from start to finish will not be considered for purchase. Be creative and have fun, but the story should be very clear, not only to you, but to anyone who sees it.
  • We are looking for high-quality erotic art. The person watching the video should be able to feel like they know what the model is thinking, and her thoughts should be erotic in nature.
  • Good production value! Video quality, lighting, good camera work and so on are very important. Anyone can get a camera and shoot a pretty model, but that doesn't make it good or erotic art. Take the time to make your shoots look high quality. Avoid things like jerky camera movement and zooms.
  • Always start with the woman dressed so we have somewhere to go. Never start with the woman nude or almost nude.
  • Please do not do any editing! Just give us the shots that tell your story, preferably in order, as one file. You may and should include multiple takes of one shot.
  • DO NOT add titles, watermarks or credits to the video.
  • DO NOT include mistakes or shots we can't use that take up space. Examples would be: The model trips or talks to you or laughs when not supposed to and so on. If it's not part of the story, please do not include it when you send the footage to us.
  • NO tattoos, piercing, breast enhancements, etc. We do not want any additions to the model as this makes the girls look fake. We are looking for natural girls that are beautiful. If the model has a rash or cold sore, do not submit her.
  • Find fresh new faces! Sending us videos of the same girl over and over is not what we want. We are always looking for new girls to feature. Please do your best to find new, pretty women.
  • DO NOT talk to the models. Let our audience think she is alone with them, not with you. If you must instruct the model on what to do, make sure she does not respond to you on camera.
  • NO MORE VIDEOS OF PHOTO SHOOTS. A video of a model being photographed is not acceptable anymore.
  • Hold for a few seconds at the end of each shot. Example, If you pan up a woman's body to her face, please hold on the face for a few seconds. If you pan down, please hold for a few seconds before you cut. This will give our editors  the ability to add transitions of our own and so forth.
  • DO NOT give us a shot that is shorter than five seconds long.
  • DO NOT use any transition effects like dissolves or wipes.
  • DO NOT use any video effects that change the quality of the footage.  For example, do not use "old film look" or "bleach" effect. Just give us high quality, well lit, well crafted shots.
  • If you feel like you need effects shots to tell your story, please include them as "extra footage" so that we always have clean HD to work with if we need it. So if you must include a shot that has an effect, we also need that same shot clean, with no effects.
  • Scenery shots and things like sunsets and so on are okay to include, but the majority of your footage should be of the model, and she should be completely nude or in her outfit by no more than two minutes though submission.
  • Models should be lit well and in make-up if they need it. Girls should look young and innocent, but not too young or too trashy. Too much make-up is not a good thing.
DO NOT make these common errors:
  • Shaky camera.  Take the time to hold the camera steady. If there are jerky or unstable camera movements we will not buy the footage. Try not to zoom unless you can do so in a smooth steady way.
  • DO NOT cut off a shot. If you dolly in or pan, complete the shot and hold for a few seconds at the end.
  • Frame the girl properly in the video screen.
  • Get a white balance on your camera every time you shoot.
  • DO NOT over expose the lighting. It cannot be fixed.
  • DO NOT forget to get close ups of her face and body parts.
All video submissions must include the following still photography:
  • You must include a minimum of 20 cover photos with your submission.
  • There must be a minimum of 10 landscape photos and 10 portrait photos.
  • These still photographs are used to make the "video cover" and should be taken at the same time and in the same location as the video. The photos cannot be a still frame from your video footage. Cover photos must be taken using a professional digital or still camera.
Important Notes about video submissions please read

Industry standard video formats are constantly changing so please check here often for updates. For now we will only accept video submissions shot in 1920x1080 progressive scan footage (1080p) using a 29.97 frame rate.

All video submissions should be a minimum of 10 minutes long. We cannot evaluate your submission if we cannot see your work.    At present, all video submissions are submitted to us electronically to our FTP site. If you are not already set up on our FTP site, you will receive instructions on how to upload your submission by sending an email to

Each model submission should be uploaded to the FTP site into its own folder. That folder's name should include the date of the shoot and the model name. For example, if you did a shoot with a model named Melissa on January 2nd, 2011, the folder name should be "ModelName_MM_DD_YYYY"

All video files should be converted to h.264 mp4's at 10,000 mbps. File size should always be 1920x1080 progressive scan with a 29.97 frame rate. If you are not sure how to convert your footage or you would like to submit a video using a different format, please send an email to for approval.

After a video submission is made, a follow-up email must be sent to to inform us that you have made a submission, otherwise we will not know you have uploaded files. The email should include the exact file names you are submitting.

Once you make a video submission, our automated system converts your file or files into a document that our staff can see so that we may evaluate it for purchase. If your video submission does not meet our guidelines, or if the file is not 1920x1080 at a 29.97 frame rate, it will be rejected by our automated system before it can be seen and/or evaluated for purchase - so it is very important that you follow the guidelines when submitting videos.

Thank You,
Metart Network Staff